5 Reasons why Gutter Baskets may be right for your home

Man removing debris from a rain gutter

Rain gutters will always need cleaning and maintenance, no matter what gutter guard system you choose. A major advantage of using the Gutter Basket system is you won't have to clean your gutters as often. This saves you time and money - not to mention you get to avoid climbing tall ladders

Even if you hire someone else to clean and maintain your rain gutters there are many more advantages to using the Gutter Basket system.  Here are 5 worth considering:

#1 The Gutter Basket protects your home from water damage

Gutter Basket installed in a roof gutterWe've all seen how pine needles, seed pods, petals, leaves, small branches and other debris get caught in rain gutters and ultimately end up blocking the downspout. When rainwater has nowhere to go it either flows over the outside of the gutter - potentially causing flooding - or, even worse, water can seep into the house and cause damage to ceilings and walls.

Rain gutter filter systems that cover the entire gutter are good when rains are light or when the type of debris falling on the roof doesn't cover the holes or mesh. When heavy rains come water can just rush right over the top of the cover and end up on the ground, flooding the area.

The whole purpose of a rain gutter is to catch as much rainwater as possible and direct it down a pipe and into the drainage system. In some cases covering the entire gutter can reduce the effectiveness of the rain gutter system by restricting the free flow of water into the gutter.

The Gutter Basket sits inside the gutter right over the downspout. It has holes that are large enough to allow the free flow of water into the drain pipe but they are small enough to block debris that might otherwise clog the drain. So, even in heavy rains the water can pass unrestricted along the rain gutter and down the drain pipe.

#2 Gutter Baskets are TOUGH and last for years

Gutter filter 3 years old and still workingThree years of use without any gutter cleaning and still going strong!

Obviously we don't recommend letting your gutters go uncleaned for such a long time, but it does demonstrate how tough and effective the Gutter Basket is.

Brittle plastic or lightweight metal filters weaken as they are exposed to the elements. The Gutter Basket is made of 100% galvanized steel making it heavy and stable when put in place. It is usually heavy enough to stay in place even when a leaf blower is used to clean the rain gutters.

The Gutter Basket was invented by a professional who, after cleaning gutters for over 12 years, decided there had to be a better, more cost-effective way to keep gutters clean and water flowing. He wanted a product that would not be too expensive but would last for years. The result is the Gutter Basket.

#3 Gutter Baskets are Super Easy to install

Gutter filter installed over the downspout

Gutter Basket installed at the end of a rain gutter

Installation of the Gutter Basket takes only minutes. You'll spend more time cleaning the gutters and finding the downspouts than installing the baskets. You simply clean all the debris from around each downspout and place the Gutter Basket over the drainpipe and you're done!

If a drainpipe is located at the extreme end of a rain gutter, the Gutter Basket is designed to be adjusted to fit. You simply bend off one side of the basket and it will then butt up against the end of the gutter (as shown in the image).

There is also a Flat Roof drain filter designed to fit over downspouts and prevent debris from blocking the drain.

#4 Gutter Baskets are great value for money

Retail price of the Gutter Basket is currently only $12.95 each (even less when you buy in quantity). Most homes have 5 or 6 downspouts in their rain gutter system so, in most cases, you can protect your entire home for less than $100. Compare that to the hundreds or even thousands you might spend with a custom built and installed gutter cover system!

Even if you are not comfortable installing these yourself, any good handyman with a sturdy ladder can install 6 Gutter Baskets on the average home in about an hour depending on how much cleaning is required before placing the baskets.

#5 Gutter Baskets help reduce mosquito population

One of the best ways to help reduce mosquito borne illnesses (such as West Nile Virus) is to eliminate places where mosquitos breed. Each year the authorities tell us to eliminate standing water in planters, bird baths, buckets, old tires - really anywhere where standing water can occur. One of the worst culprits are clogged rain gutters. Often a homeowner doesn't even realize their rain gutters are blocked and filled with standing water.

By keeping your roof gutters flowing freely you can do your part in helping reduce the threat of mosquito borne illnesses in your area.

In conclusion, no matter what gutter filter system you choose your rain gutters will still need attention from time to time. Regular cleaning and maintenance (such as painting) are an important part of maintaining your home value. The Gutter Basket system will help you keep your rain gutters in good condition longer, and will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Baskets come in two different designs.  The Original Gutter Basket is designed to sit inside the rain gutter just over the downspout.  For flat roofs there is a Flat Roof Gutter Basket that is held in place with a clip that is included with the filter.