How It Works

Gutter filter system installed
The way the Gutter Basket works is simplicity itself.  You place the Gutter Basket over each downspout in your roof gutters and that's it (see more detailed instructions below with images)
Made of heavy galvanized steel, the weight of the Gutter Basket holds it in place.  If you plan to clean your gutters with a leaf blower please be sure to request a free clip during checkout in the notes section.

The contoured design of this gutter filter system inhibits solid materials from clogging your downspouts while allowing water to pass through unhindered.  This protects your home from damage due to clogged and over-burdened rain gutters.   As you can see in the above image it acts as a gutter filter to stop debris from covering or blocking the downspout.

Easy Installation:

Step 1: Clean the gutter of leaves and debris, especially around the down spout.  Be sure the downspout isn't blocked internally.


Step 2: Place the Gutter Basket over the downspout.

Note: if your downspout is at the end of a section of gutter the Gutter Basket is designed to adapt. Simply break off one end of the Gutter Basket at the perforation and set it in place with the square end in the corner (see below).

Here is an example of a basket installed when the downspout is located at the end of a rain gutter.

 If you have a flat roof and want to prevent your downspouts from clogging we also offer a square Flat Roof drain filter designed to fit over flat roof drains.