We always appreciate hearing back from our customers. Here are a few comments from those who are already enjoying the benefits of the Gutter Basket.

Thank you!

Gutter Baskets are a good value for the money. My order was filled promptly and they have performed well. I would both recommend and purchase them again.

Don, ME

We get redwood tree needles which used to plug up my old screen-style gutter guards, forcing me to replace them. With the Gutter Baskets, I only need to use the blower to clear the needles away. Much easier!

Mike, CA

Our problem is oak tree pollen "tails" which get on everything. While not completely eliminating the need to clean out the gutters, Gutter Baskets have worked better than previous gutter products I've used and have reduced maintenance time.

Charles, NY

I would just like to say that the Gutter Baskets are a great product! We had our Gutter Baskets installed in 2006 and we have not had any clogged drainspouts since. As a 15-unit complex, we found the Gutter Baskets an economical choice compared to having our gutters cleaned more than once a year (due to large trees on the properties adjacent to ours). We would recommend (and personally I have recommended) the Gutter Basket to other homeowners.

Thank you for a great product!
Marsha Salonga

I had the Gutter Basket installed in several of my eaves troughs in 2004. Prior to that I frequently had blocked gutter downspouts from the debris of nearby cedar trees. Once the Gutter Basket was in place my gutters drained properly and this eliminated the clogged downspouts.  I am completely satisfied with this product and would recommend it to any homeowner.

Dave Boychuk

We are a 39-unit Townhouse site, and we installed the Gutter Basket throughout our complex. The design of the townhouses is such that we have many areas with steep roofs combined with multi-angled corners that concentrate water run-off and has, in the past, caused blockages. The small plastic baskets originally installed where the gutters feed into the down pipes constantly clogged up causing overflows and, in several cases, water to back up and leak into units.

The Gutter Baskets have been in place for over one and a half years and we have not had a single instance of clogging or overflow. We are very satisfied with this product and do not hesitate to recommend it.

Yours truly,
Barry Tyson

The installation of the Gutter Baskets in October 2004 has saved us a great deal of money. We do not have to get the gutters cleaned as often; the gutters no longer get clogged, overflow and cause waterfalls. Pine needles from the very tall Douglas Fir tree in our garden rain down on our roof along with their branches, and still our gutters continue to drain freely. This is a great invention. I can highly recommend them.

Gabrielle Midgley

The Gutter Baskets that I purchased at your trade show worked just fine and offer great advantages over the conventional screens that plug rather easily at this time of year. In fact I have decided to skip plans to install one of those total screens along the length of the gutter.

Thanks again.
Chris Finch

The Gutter Basket is amazing! Since we had our Gutter Baskets installed 3 years ago, we have had absolutely no problems with our gutters. No clogging, no standing water. Who knew that such an inexpensive product could do such a good job in keeping our gutters clear? Every home should have one!

Olga Vancic